Case Study: Simplifying Food Waste Collection in Restaurants

The Challenge

Located on Lake Merritt in Oakland, California, Lake Chalet Seafood Bar & Grill is a destination for fine dining. The restaurant offers diners a variety of fresh seafood dishes and gorgeous lakeside seating. 

Since opening in 2009, Lake Chalet has focused on reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfills by implementing a recycling and organic waste diversion program. A challenge Lake Chalet faced during this initiative was determining how to set up an effective and sanitary system for collecting and sending food scraps to a compost facility. They needed a strong and robust compostable bag that contained odors and maintained a clean kitchen environment. 

Lake Chalet evaluated various compostable bag options to find a bag that met these requirements. The bags were tested through an unconventional method they call "The Fish Test." This unique test was performed by filling a bag with fish scraps and swinging the bag around in order to measure the bag's strength. If there was no mess, the bag passed. Natur-Bag™ compostable bags passed "The Fish Test" with flying colors and—perhaps more importantly—without flying fish. As a result of Natur-Bag's proven durability, Lake Chalet chose Natur-Bag to handle food scraps.

The Results

By using Natur-Bag products to collect organic waste, Lake Chalet saved time and money. They have been able to keep collection bins clean and odor-free, and now that more than half of Lake Chalet's waste is sent to a compost facility instead of a landfill. 


Food scraps, trimmings, and paper napkins collected in bins lined with Natur-Bag products.

What Natur-Bag Can Do For You

Engineered strong to handle the toughest organic waste collection job, Natur-Bag compostable bags are important tools in organic waste diversion initiatives. Our bags and liners help contain odors and leaks, eliminating the need to wash and dry collection bins. In addition to strength, we made it easy for waste haulers to identify Natur-Bag products as compostable. Every Natur-Bag is green in color and is printed with the BPI Compostable logo, certifying that they meet the ASTM D6400 standard specification for compostable plastics. To learn more about Natur-Bag products and how they can help your organic waste diversion initiatives, contact us at

Natur-Bag products make collecting food scraps easy and sanitary in our busy kitchen. It is important that the bags can handle our heavy food waste without breaking. As a result of our successful organics collection program, we are able to send our food scraps to become useful compost and reduce our solid waste tipping fees." - Kristian Cosentino, Food and Beverage Manager