Biobased Compostable Cutlery

Natur-Ware® cutlery is both biobased and certified compostable. Our cutlery is made from annually renewable resources, using 96% less carbon than cutlery from traditional plastics enabling you to reduce your carbon footprint. Natur-Ware 100% compostable and will integrate seamlessly in zero-ware and organic diversion programs. Natur-Ware is high heat resistant (up to 190°F / 87°C) and will stay strong in hot foods and liquids.

Use Natur-Ware Cutlery to Enjoy Hot Foods & Beverages



Hot beverages such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are frequently served at temperature between 160°F - 185°F.

Natur-Ware is designed to withstand temperatures up to 190°F, but only for a few seconds at a time

Natur-Ware may bend or become soft. This is not melting into your food or beverage. 

Natur-Ware is Designed for Single Use

For reliable performance, always use a new utensil with each meal. Natur-Ware is not intended for use in a microwave, oven, or dishwasher.           


Natur-Ware Product Highlights:

  • Certified Compostable by the BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) 
  • Meets ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 Standard Specifications for Compostable Plastics
  • 94% Biobased as measured by ASTM D6866
  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Engineered to handle temperatures up to 190ºF (87ºC)
  • Made from annually renewable resources
  • ​Does not contain any polypropylene, polystyrene, or any other conventional plastics that do not biodegrade
  • Manufactured from Ingeo™ natural plastic that is made from plants, not oil
  • Kit wrap is certified compostable by the BPI
  • Each piece of Natur-Ware cutlery is identified as compostable

Natur-Ware Stock Product Bulk Offerings 

Item Description Item Number Units Per Case Case Pack
Natur-Ware Fork NT1890-BULK-00012 1,000 100 pieces/pack; 10 packs/case
Natur-Ware Knife NT1890-BULK-00013 1,000 100 pieces/pack; 10 packs/case
Natur-Ware Spoon NT1890-BULK-00014 1,000 100 pieces/pack; 10 packs/case

Natur-Ware Stock Product Individually Wrapped and Kit Offerings

Item Description Item Number Units Per Case Case Pack
Natur-Ware Individually Wrapped Compostable Fork NT1890-IND-00014 500 Loose pack
Natur-Ware Individually Wrapped Compostable Knife NT1890-IND-00015 500 Loose pack
Natur-Ware Individually Wrapped Compostable Spoon NT1890-IND-00016 500 Loose pack
Natur-Ware Wrapped Compostable
Fork, Knife, Spoon, and Napkin Kit
NT1890-IND-00017 250 Loose pack

Upon Request:

  • Tasting Spoons
  • Sporks

Custom Orders Welcome!

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+1 (763) 404-8700

Natur-Ware mPLA Cutlery Certifications:

  Download PDF of Natur-Ware Product Sheet   

  Download PDF of our Natur-Ware Cutlery Guide 

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 Green Mountain Compost Cutlery Study - BioCycle, December 2014